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@Mario -

The essential premise behind themes in the WordPress Extend repository is
to meet the needs and wants of the greatest possible audience (with few, as
in number, exceptions). That being the case, to maintain that expectation
requires themes follow most if not all of the guidelines to insure this

Although your ideals have been discussed numerous times, it is the
end-users that will decide what theme they prefer and ultimately how they
will implement its use. Therefore not having the various and sundry
guidelines met by every theme being submitted would be a disservice to
these end-users. Essentially the basic functionality the guidelines are in
part designed to provide to the end-users would be missing if they were
adjusted too not meet their current standards.

The ideals you are putting forward make a great deal of sense for custom,
industry specific, or topical themes; but simply put, just because one does
not see a theme being used for a specific purpose does not mean another
would agree.


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