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Sat Mar 17 20:40:11 UTC 2012

Dear Otto,

Thank you.  That is one thing I understand much better.  As for the
cookie-cutter statement, I never thought about that since my main focus was
to do things "right".  I am forced by medical circumstances to change
occupations.  I did buy adobe master collection and have a very steep curve
ahead of me.  But, I wanted something that would work for me until I can
get my skills up to par.


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> You won't find any themes for things like "animal" or "art" or
> "cooking" on the theme directory. That's not really what a theme is.
> There are no "themes that are out of the box ready and don't need to
> add my own photos to finish the appearance of the theme."
> See, what you're describing is "content". A theme doesn't provide
> content, it provides a blank space in which to fill your content. It's
> not going to give you that content, because most people don't use that
> sort of default content anyway. Do you really want your website to
> look like a cookie cutter site, with the same stuff as every other
> site?
> Themes are like a chalkboard. You can make a chalkboard that has a
> bunch of predefined spaces and colors and ways to fill it with things,
> but you still need to pick up that chalk and fill up the given space
> yourself.
> Even the images provided on the screenshots are often example images
> only. You need to use your own content to make the site about
> something.
> -Otto
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