[theme-reviewers] add_custom_background()

Mats Birch birch at birchware.se
Mon Mar 12 21:50:48 UTC 2012

 >> The obvious one: All theme options should be in one place.
 > I think you can still put them all in one place, just not where they are
 > now... which is another reason to use the built-in functions--why
 > confuse users with multiple "appearance" configuration menus?

I don't think I can. Or do you mean I should somehow hook into the 
options page created by add_custom_background()?

The Appearance submenu looks like this:
* Themes
* Widgets
* Menus
* Theme Options (My theme's options.)
* Editor

After add_custom_background() it has another one, Background. That's two 
pages for one purpose.
Having just the one avoids the "multiple 'appearance' configuration 
menus" issue, introduced by add_custom_background().

 >> The functionality of such a standardized feature could (of course) never
 >> be versatile enough for all purposes.
 >> My theme, for example, have an option to toggle the display (on/off) of
 >> the image. It also has a choice of foreground color. I also plan to
 >> implement scaling/cropping, a small gallery of images to choose from,
 >> and a list of predefined "settings packs", of course including images.
 > I don't see why you can't do that if you use the built-in functions,
 > unless you don't want users to be able to mess with the predefined 

If I use add_custom_background(), I'll have to change it so that it will 
display the special variant of image, specified in my theme's options, 
and, well it just seems like too much unnecessary work. And what if 
there's two images? Or multiple images, different ones for pages and posts?

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