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Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 18:30:56 UTC 2012

Sorry a bit slow with this - Chip asked for some ideas about responsive
theme tests or guidelines. Here are some of the issues I believe to be

1. Sidebars - sidebars should nicely shrink with the rest of the page -
things should stay proportional. At some point (maybe at about 480, maybe
even below 600), the sidebar should autohide or everything gets too
squished. I think this kind of behavior should be at the least RECOMMENDED
for responsive themes, if not required.

One of the problems testing this behavior is that not all browsers respond
to responsive div hiding - they need a manual refresh at each new width.
The content will shrink fine, but the responsive hides don't always

2. Images - images need to shrink as the screen does. This includes the
header image.

3. Menus - menus need to resize nicely. This isn't always easy to do, and
it is not uncommon to get a mess of unreadable, unusable stacked menu items.

4. Possibly unhide or move special areas as the width shrinks. Sidebars
might switch from the side to the bottom, for example.

5. Video media - Video should either dynamically shrink with the screen
(not easy), or at worst hide the overflow.

6. Same for iFrames.

7. Titles - titles should ideally shrink and wrap, not overwrite
surrounding content. Actually, same for all content. The content should
shrink or re-wrap, and not overwrite surrounding content or sidebars.

8. If themes have special handling for some devices (iOS or Android), it
should be noted, but it is probably unrealistic to expect testers to have
those devices to test on. Don't know how such things can be tested. Maybe
if there are reviewers with access to such devices, they could have
priority for testing such features. Don't know how many themes include that
kind of support yet, but I imagine it will become more common. It might be
interesting to discuss as recommends to use the existing iOS features that
are available with the WP admin side. (I know they are there, but
unfortunately don't really know if they can easily be used by themes. Seems
like a good opportunity.)

Also, Opera has a mobile device simulator that could be of some use for
testers of responsive themes.

Bruce Wampler
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