[theme-reviewers] Themes approval process is really slow

Ryan Conn ryanmichaelconn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 06:05:02 UTC 2012

I am new on this list and just applied to be a theme reviewer today, after
I uploaded a new theme earlier this week and saw the queue was over a month.

I was reading some of the comments, I think the only way to be sure that
theme reviewing is done the way it should be is keep it as a volunteer
system because once you start paying people to do it, it becomes a job and
less interest is shown and keeps quality low.

But something to think about would be maybe a incentive system, not
necessarily money, but free hosting or free domain name or free premium
etc, something that would be useful for a developer that they need.

Just my Opinion

My username is: ryanmc44
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