[theme-reviewers] W3C CSS3 Validation

Emil Uzelac emil at themeid.com
Wed Jul 4 01:33:21 UTC 2012

Hi Guys,

Just want to share few things with you regarding the CSS3 and W3C CSS

*Briefly*: *Do not pay attention to this service that much, unless you have
some obvious errors such as missing DIVs etc.*

Today I rewrote most of my CSS codes (locally of course) just to see if
their "errors" will go away and it does not matter what I do, they still
fail to validate, something that's 100% valid!

One of the major issues was: background: linear-gradient(white, gray);

Very basic test without any extra "things", just white and gray and this is
what W3C says about it:

*Value Error :* background linear-gradient(white,gray ) is not a
background-color value : linear-gradient(white,gray )

all right, so I was thinking wait, they do not recommend background-image:
or even background-color: which will not work with gradients anyways, why
in the world would something that they suggested not work. (see:

W3C has so many drafted standards and it's completely pointless to validate
anything with this service anymore. (I was not, but clients do request)

*This message is a simple experience sharing and hoping that it will be
good for the list.*

P.S. I wrote to W3C for explanations and I'll let you know if they respond
back :)

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