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Kirk Wight kwight at kwight.ca
Wed Jan 25 14:36:33 UTC 2012

Hi Ethan,

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe themes that at any point
were approved will automatically go to queue #1 when new versions are

The two-day rule is not automagic, but requires the submitter to add a
comment to the original ticket with the ticket number of the fresh upload;
this will inform the reviewer, who would then close the first ticket
(closed-newer-version-uploaded) and assign themselves to the new ticket (as
I've done with your current Mantra version, which I'm still looking at).

As for why 1.6.7 (ticket #6195) isn't live, I'm unsure - sync to extend
happens every day or two. Can someone with sync privileges check?

On 25 January 2012 05:10, futeng.org <bbq at futeng.org> wrote:

> No,How can I get this version?
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> *Subject: * [theme-reviewers] Mantra Theme Live
>  Hi! I was wandering if you could get the latest approved version (1.6.7)
> of my Mantra Theme live.
> And I was wondering what's the policy about previously approved themes
> that at a certain point get rejected.
> I read that if a new version is resubmitted within 2 days since rejection
> the previous reviewer will be assigned and the theme reviewed as a
> previously approved theme?
> I'm asking since this would be the case with the latest version of Mantra.
> I try to fix problems ASAP since the wait in the no (3) queue is huge .
> Thanks a lot to all you guys for you patience and your time.
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