[theme-reviewers] Special demo config for wp-themes.com, allowed?

Robert Ambartsumov robert6292 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 18:02:21 UTC 2012


I would like to include in my theme a special demo configuration file for
default settings that will be loaded when it matches the wp-themes.com url,
so that for example I can load some data that wont be available on a
typical end user theme activation, i.e twitter username feed or a custom
home page screen.
the reason for this is because I do want to show the user what the theme is
capable of and improve the overall demonstration process eventually, but i
agree that those settings shouldn't be loaded as default for the end user
as per theme reviewers suggestions and guidelines.

i.e by doing this:
$mframe['globals'] = home_url() == $mframe['demo']['server'] ?
wp_parse_args( $mframe['demo'], $mframe['globals']) : $mframe['globals'];

the demo server url can be setup as anything, but for this example is
obviously wp-themes.com where we can view demo version of the theme.

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