[theme-reviewers] Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Code OK on Author & Theme URI?

James Laws jamielaws at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 22:34:15 UTC 2012

I can understand the reason for wanting to track this kind of thing but I
personally don't like the idea of theme authors tracking this data. I may
be off base but if I were reviewing a theme with this kind of thing I
wouldn't approve it.

On Tuesday, January 10, 2012, Robert Ambartsumov <robert6292 at gmail.com>
> Well, why you have to have a tracking on the front end anyway? you could
insert a tracking in the back end and this way you will know when the theme
is activated the tracking is fired.
> On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:16 AM, Valeriu Tihai <valeriu at tihai.md> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm the one who introduced campaign tracking code (Google Analytics).
> Before I done this I have read several times Credit Links
> I searched in this list if there have been previous discussion of such
kind: http://bit.ly/xkzi59 http://bit.ly/zk7i23
> I did not found that it is forbidden, so it is allowed.
> The aim is not tracking visitors from wordpress.org, I agree with Emil
Uzelac that there are other ways to do this thing.
> Instead I want to have a tracking campaign of the theme that will be
installed on different blogs, and for this I need that the link from footer
also to contain variables of the GA.
> But there is a problem ( Credit link, if used, is required to use either
Theme URI or Author URI. ) that obliges me to put the same link also in
> If it is possible that credit link to contain variables GA and links for
Theme Author and Author URI to be without these variables, so I am only for
this solution, I can immediately prepare a new version that will contain
these changes.
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