[theme-reviewers] Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Code OK on Author & Theme URI?

Jim Mitchell jim at jimmitchell.org
Tue Jan 10 01:42:53 UTC 2012

A theme author has just submitted a new version of a theme I was reviewing for them, and in this version, they added some Google Analytics campaign tracking code to the Author & Theme URI in style.css (their previous version didn't have it):

Author URI

Theme URI

I'm going to take a wild guess and say it _might_ be allowed, but not recommended, and ultimately not very useful since stats are kept on repository downloads already. I've not seen any other themes that do this, but of course, I didn't search the whole repository.

The author also hard-coded the theme URI in the footer with GA campaign code. I'm going to say this is okay since there's no restriction placed on its removal.

TIA for guidance, but mostly patience as I ask questions & learn the ropes...

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