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Edward Caissie edward.caissie at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 23:11:00 UTC 2012

A long, long time ago it was specifically stated that screenshots are to be
300px x 225px and I would put forward the primary screenshot (as in the
first one to be presented to the end-user) be held to that specific size.
Although there has been some arbitrary changes made and for the most part
as long as the aspect ratio is 4:3 or at least within range of a
hand-grenade it has been allowed. There are a few themes with excessively
large screenshots and those, IIRC, were asked to be addressed by their
respective authors with the next theme release ...

Given the plan to implement multiple screenshots I would recommend going
back to the hard rule of the primary screenshot.png (or .jpg) be set to
300px x 225px keeping the naming convention as such. Then allowing for
ensuing screenshots to follow the naming convention as set out for plugins,
that is -1, -2, etc. These can then be put into whatever method for
end-user viewing.


On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 5:49 PM, Helen Hou-Sandi <helen.y.hou at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello theme reviewers,
> As I'm working on the multiple screenshots piece, while I don't have
> anything authoritative or definitive to say about how this affects theme
> guidelines, here are a couple thoughts I have that could use a sanity check:
> 1. My understanding is that right now there is no specified size for
> screenshots, only a suggested guideline of a 4:3 aspect ratio. It appears
> that I will be taking the size of the screenshots in the admin up from
> 240x180 to 300x225. As I browsed through some screenshots, I noted that
> many themes are not sticking to the aspect ratio, and quite a few have
> screenshots that are smaller than 300x225, and many have larger ones, some
> even significantly larger. I believe in the codex it mentions 320x240,
> which seems to be used often, but is a little big in the context of the
> admin. Nothing breaks with the variant sizes, but it would be nice to have
> a little more consistency and also prevent bloat with larger images that
> aren't used anywhere that I can find. At the moment I don't know of any
> plans to go any bigger, as the customize frame (otherwise known as Gandalf)
> really functions as the large-size interactive preview.
> 2. My dev teammate (Mike S., or DH-Shredder) and I have been told to
> operate on the assumption that screenshots will be named similarly to the
> way they are in the plugin repo, e.g. screenshot-#.ext. As right now they
> are just named screenshot.ext, I suppose both the .org API side and the
> get_themes() function will have to accommodate accordingly, and perhaps go
> from screenshot-2.ext and up.
> Do the above sound safe/sane? I'm hoping that it isn't a huge impact, but
> since you're all keeping tabs, I thought I'd jump in here. Thanks for all
> the work you do!
> Helen
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