[theme-reviewers] Theme upload failed

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Thu Feb 9 22:25:08 UTC 2012

The fopen() call is the only one that is preventing actual submission of
your Theme. There is no way around that restriction, so you may want to
investigate using the WordPress File API.



On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 4:06 PM, Mats Birch <birch at birchware.se> wrote:

>  My theme was not approved due to some problem with the name.
> So I fixed it and tried to upload it again.
> Since the previous version is a month old now, I of course tried to upload
> the current version.
> I get this text (which is almost the same as I get from the Theme-Check
> plugin):
>    - WARNING: *fopen* was found in the file *download.php* possible file
>    operations.
>    - RECOMMENDED: No reference to *add_custom_image_header* was found in
>    the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement this functionality if
>    using an image for the header.
>    - RECOMMENDED: No reference to *add_custom_background()* was found in
>    the theme. If the theme uses background images or solid colors for the
>    background, then it is recommended that the theme implement this
>    functionality.
>    - INFO: *download.php* The theme appears to use include or require. If
>    these are being used to include separate sections of a template from
>    independent files, then *get_template_part()* should be used instead.
> I use fopen because the theme supports downloading.
> See: http://birchware.se/wordpress/kiss/kiss-download (that link is for
> the theme in question)
> In download.php i got this: require_once('../../../../wp-load.php');
> It's needed because that file is outside of WordPress' flow.
> The add_custom_* functions aren't used because I want to have all the
> config stuff in one place.
> Anyway, none of these are required, so I can't see why the upload failed.
> Why did it?
> And how shall I move on from here?
> Regards,
> Mats Birch.
> Theme name: Kiss
> Not approved theme name: BirchWare Kiss (ticket #6211)
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