[theme-reviewers] Theme upload failed

Mats Birch birch at birchware.se
Thu Feb 9 22:06:18 UTC 2012

My theme was not approved due to some problem with the name.
So I fixed it and tried to upload it again.
Since the previous version is a month old now, I of course tried to 
upload the current version.

I get this text (which is almost the same as I get from the Theme-Check 

  * WARNING: *fopen* was found in the file *download.php* possible file
  * RECOMMENDED: No reference to *add_custom_image_header* was found in
    the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement this
    functionality if using an image for the header.
  * RECOMMENDED: No reference to *add_custom_background()* was found in
    the theme. If the theme uses background images or solid colors for
    the background, then it is recommended that the theme implement this
  * INFO: *download.php* The theme appears to use include or require. If
    these are being used to include separate sections of a template from
    independent files, then *get_template_part()* should be used instead.

I use fopen because the theme supports downloading.
See: http://birchware.se/wordpress/kiss/kiss-download (that link is for 
the theme in question)
In download.php i got this: require_once('../../../../wp-load.php');
It's needed because that file is outside of WordPress' flow.

The add_custom_* functions aren't used because I want to have all the 
config stuff in one place.

Anyway, none of these are required, so I can't see why the upload 
failed.  Why did it?
And how shall I move on from here?

Mats Birch.
Theme name: Kiss
Not approved theme name: BirchWare Kiss (ticket #6211)

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