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Nitin Reddy k_nitin_r at yahoo.co.in
Thu Feb 9 19:48:16 UTC 2012


It's hard to tell when exactly there would be a review because we run through volunteer effort. The SuperBowl did slow things down a bit but when they do pick up, somebody should be around to review your theme.

I've got my hands full at the moment, having returned from a trip, falling ill for half a week, and then heading out for my anniversary before catching up with my To-Do list. Perhaps later.

Nitin Reddy

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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 23:42:59 +1100
From: Rashed Latif <rashed.latif at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [theme-reviewers] Estimated review time Ticket#6267
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Hi reviewers

I supposed to check back on 7th feb and today is 9th and still hasn't got any responses about my theme. Any idea how long it's gonna take?

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