[theme-reviewers] Request to scrap Priority #2

john at webdesignlessons.com john at webdesignlessons.com
Tue Feb 7 11:25:44 UTC 2012

Hello reviewers,

I submitted 4 themes 2 months ago, and my number came up 2 weeks ago. They
pointed out some issues and one reviewer went thru the updated ticket and
approved it right away, which was great.

Other 3 tickets are now languishing at the bottom of new ticket queue and
their number will come up maybe in another 2 months and then some one will
point a couple of issues and the new tickets will be languishing for
another 2 months.

Initial wait of months is fair as we are all volunteers. but once my
number comes up, the earlier system of reviewing the theme completely and
giving previously reviewed tickets were #2 in priority was fair.

The current system is not fair. It will take a year to get any theme

Thanks for your time.

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