[theme-reviewers] how to make reviewing faster

Bernard Latanowicz bernard.latanowicz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 20:08:11 UTC 2012

Thanks, Chip and Bryan.

I've beend thinking about it as well.
But a reviewer with higher priviliges could check the review before 
closing it. The "younger reviewer" will earn points only if the "older 
reviewer" approves his work.

I know some people could say - I'm too lazy to test or I'm too awesome 
for testing, so I screw uploading my awesome theme.

But guys, if WP has lazy developers it will become a huge garbage than 
There are a lot of themes and plugins with 1.0 version or which haven't 
been updated for months and years. Plenty of times I noticed bugs on 
forums and guess what. Nothing. Is that what we really want?

Do we need few developers or a lot of fame-wanted lazy people?


W dniu 2012-12-13 20:50, Bryan Hadaway pisze:
> "Why not to have a rule - if you want to add your theme, first you 
> must review one (or more)."
> 1. Because theme authors are already contributing work for the 
> community. They're /already/ donating their time, work and effort for 
> free, they should not have to do anything else. This would be like 
> paying someone $10 so that you have the privilege of buying them a $5 
> hamburger, just doesn't make sense.
> 2. Besides the fact that the community would simply miss out on the 
> potential themes from authors who said "Screw that.", of the ones that 
> did review, they would likely be one-off, half-assed reviews, just 
> enough to get by. I've seen similar methodologies attempted in other 
> review forums, "You must review a website before your website can be 
> reviewed." and it's just a waste of time quality wise.
> Current wait time for review: 2 months
> Wait time for your theme to go live once it's been approved: About a week
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