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Yeah, my golden marketing/documentation rule is explain things so that a
five-year-old could understand it. Logic being of course that if a
five-year-old can understand it then everyone should. That is *if* that's
your targeted demographic, the "Average Joe" demo - which it is of course
90% of the time unless you go extremely niche with a project.

Going with the same analogy it takes a lot of patience and time to explain
things that way. Like a child asking why over and over you have to
preemptively step back and pretend you don't know what you know and think
what are all the whys and hows they're inevitably going to ask. It's
tiring, but once you get it easy sailing and it should cut down on support
time a lot, especially with redundant questions.

I love Responsive by the way, not to glad-hand you or anything, but I think
it's hands-down the best looking theme in the entire repo. Good work.
Perfect blend of minimalism and modern design trends.

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