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Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 23:21:23 UTC 2012

*Just want to interject real quick*, because the last point actually makes
sense to me. I've looked at theme demos on WP before and clicked on links
to see how a feature was intended to work and have been taken to all sorts
of URLs.

And that's me, a tech-savvy who's aware of the grand scheme of things of
placeholders and dummy content. But, putting myself in the shoes of the
average WP user who's tech knowledge ends at 1-click WP installations I'd
be pretty confused clicking on something and being taken to
example.comwhich actually redirects to a real site or to the WP
homepage etc.

This isn't speculation either. I've worked with hundreds of clients and
consulted or provided customer support to thousands of others. You would be
amazed at the crazy things people come up with and the way they look at
things when they're clueless if you don't explicitly define things in
human-readable terms. To the normal person this stuff is Japanese really. I
have the marketing psychology down, it's drilled into my mushy mind.

So when you say:

"*For what purpose would anyone attempt to click-through a link on a
wp.orgTheme demo?

You're saying that as a rational tech-savvy, not the 90% of people that
will be looking at demos and YES definitely clicking on things, for what
purpose who knows - we'll kill brain cells thinking about it.

I see just two options:

*1*. Just use *#* for example URLs - this goes for all example URLs in any
theme. And risk support time on people asking what is *#* - what does that
do, can I put a link there to pictures of my puppies? Trust me, it'll


*2*. Link to a pertinent page that actually explains the feature like:

http://themedevsite.com/docs/custom-slider-links/ - and then have content
on that page explaining like so:

Hey! You must have been checking out the demo. The feature you just clicked
on is the blah blah blah...

So either use # which essentially disables the link or link to an
educational page. Those seem like the only two logical options to me.

End of interjection. :)

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