[theme-reviewers] Cirumventing Theme Directory Preview in Ticket #3787

Tony Jansen info at tonyjansen.nl
Wed May 11 21:40:55 UTC 2011

Hello all,


Earlier today during a review I encountered the following code in


* The WordPress Theme Directory Preview may not be appropriate for this
theme, so redirecting to custom preview


if( false !== strpos( site_url(), 'http://wp-themes.com'  )) {

                wp_redirect( 'http://demo.onedesigns.com/minimatica/' );



which circumvents the regular theme preview to display something that may
have nothing to do with the theme at all or worse (not the case in this
case, mind you).

I have halted the review after conferring with greuben, who noted that it
was bad and unacceptable, and I recommended a not-approved. 

This technique may be old hat but I still like to know what you think about
it, was I right to handle it this way?




Best Regards,

Tony Jansen


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