[theme-reviewers] Comment style problems

Philip Walton philip at philipwalton.com
Wed May 4 02:49:39 UTC 2011

I could see a theme developer complaining that lists aren't even 
supposed to be in comments based on the following:

"You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <a href="" title=""> <abbr 
title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del 
datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>"

Obviously most themes don't actually strip out all but those tags, but 
I'm still curious to hear how you'd respond to a comment like that on a 
trac ticket (hypothetically).

On 5/3/11 7:35 PM, Chip Bennett wrote:
> The li.comment children lists and list items are one of the primary 
> reasons to check all HTML tags within comments. All too often, the 
> developer will either not properly specify styles for li.comment, or 
> else will overlook resetting the LI styling.
> For everything else, as with the Layout Test post, HTML tag styling 
> should be appropriate within the design intent. Some things are fairly 
> discrete (EM, BIG, STRONG, SUB, SUP, etc.), but others are much more 
> subjective.
> But yes: comments *do* need to display HTML tags correctly.
> Chip
> On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 8:44 PM, Philip Walton <philip at philipwalton.com 
> <mailto:philip at philipwalton.com>> wrote:
>     In the Theme Test Unit data, there is a comment with the same
>     markup as page 3 of the "Layout Test".
>     I've run across a number of themes that don't include the styles
>     necessary to have the comments display the same way as the layout
>     test does. One really common problem is the lists often have
>     borders or padding around them because the comments themselves are
>     list items.
>     How much should comment styling really be taken into
>     consideration? Has it been decided that poor styling of complex
>     markup with a comment is grounds for rejection?
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