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Bruce there is some internal discussion going on already about clarification
of the verbiage of the plugin in light of the fact that you are a longer
term developer, thus the issue has more weight than someone just starting
out. Not sure what will come of it but there is some already going on.

Further thoughts on how it could be clarified would be welcome by myself at

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On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 10:48 AM, Bruce Wampler <brucewampler at gmail.com>wrote:

> Sorry, Otto, I can't help myself here - I'm sure I'm going to piss you off,
> you you
> really need an attitude change when it comes to understanding how to write
> user interfaces, and to interact with users.
> WordPress lives because of the contributions of its user base, including
> both
> main line developers, and theme writers. I am a very long time software
> developer.
> I may sometimes stick to tried and true methods, but I seldom do it without
> consulting current examples of code.
> But to dismiss my claims that the interface to Theme Check is confusing is
> really insulting, and ignoring the input of someone who has learned a lot
> over the years about dealing with users.
> First of all, I've been submitting versions of Weaver for over a year.
> Probably
> at least 10 versions in that time. Just a year. And I know for a fact, that
> at
> least 5 or 6 of those times, the theme requirements have changed in such a
> fashion to require me to change the theme to meet them. So don't tell me
> that
> the requirements don't change that often. I have personally seen that they
> do.
> Well I consider 5 or 6 significant changes in a year a lot.
> And don't tell me that tracking the changes at some obscure URL:
> http://plugins.trac.wordpress.**org/log/theme-check<http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/log/theme-check>
> is a obvious place to find all the new theme requirement changes. That's
> obvious. What would constitute obscure?
> And maybe the INTENT was to always have WARNING block themes, but
> when I submitted the last version, which only in March this year, WARNINGS
> did NOT cause a theme to be rejected. March is not that long ago.
> And why does red make anything special? In all my years of programming,
> a WARNING has never been considered fatal for anything. It is a WARNING, no
> matter what the color. It is not obvious at all that it is a fail, even if
> it is red.
> And if the Theme Check is the same for the plugin (which I use constantly,
> by the way) as the upload site, why does the upload site so clearly use the
> word FAIL, and that never appears in the plugin version.
> I imagine you are an experience programmer, but I'm afraid you've not
> learned
> a very fundamental lesson when dealing with people who use your software:
> There are no dumb questions, and when a user gives a sincere and serious
> comment about your software's user interface, you don't insult them and
> dismiss their comment with "IT WAS RED".
> Sorry if I've pissed you off, Otto, but you need to take some of these
> questions
> a little more seriously, and stop dismissing them with your so-called
> superior knowledge.
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