[theme-reviewers] Question regarding theme slugs

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 17:07:12 UTC 2011

Is it a correct assumption that the theme upload tool, and thus the
source for the Theme Repo, takes themes' long form names and
"slug-izes" them to create the slugs, and thereby their eventual
`wp-content/themes/[theme slug]` locations, particularly those
installed via the back-end WordPress theme installation procedure?

If that's true, is there any way to force the upload tool to use a
theme-author-specified slug instead? This might not make a huge
difference to single use themes, but I'd like to be able to specify
the slug in my parent theme so as to make sure the Template: line in
my child themes is a) consistent b) not littered with -'s c) defined
by me.



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