[theme-reviewers] People get pissed if I send out updates too often?

Claude Needham gxxaxx at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 03:52:03 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 7:13 PM, Daniel Fenn <danielx386 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the input guys. Yea I'm always adding new things and fixing up
> bugs that crop up.
> It true that users can keep the version that they are currently on and it
> doesn't take that long to update.
> Regards,

One way to reduce the resistance and/or back flack from frequent updates is
communication. Communication specifically about what the user can expect to
happen and expect not to happen as a result of the update.

There is a definite trepidation that comes with updates -- less so with
wordpress then many other systems.

Users sometimes like to be assured that everything will be all right. The
update will not reset your system settings. The update is not going to cause
your header image or background image to suddenly disappear. The update will
not cause your special fields in your posts to be reset. We have not removed
any special features that you will suddenly miss.

This kind of getting jerked around happens rarely with wordpress. But it is
common with other programs. "Got a windows update then suddenly I couldn't
load Team Fortress." People have been trained by squirrely  programs to be

So pat them on the head and give them some reason to not be concerned.

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