[theme-reviewers] Spammy theme?

Foolish Visions shelly at foolishvisions.com
Tue Jul 26 11:48:19 UTC 2011

>>I like this idea a lot, especially allowing other developers to adopt a theme and bring it up to WP standards.<<

I would agree.  Being an author of a *seriously* outdated theme (I don't even know if it's in the repository anymore, actually - but it could be!) I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to take it over.  I'm still quite heavily involved in WordPress (and still very interested in developing themes), but my time has been taken up by clients and family - don't have a lot of time to work on themes as much as I'd like to be (and frankly the one I put out was one of my first, and there's nothing special about it at all - if it got deleted, it wouldn't upset me in the least!)

Don't know if that helps at all, but that's my take on the idea!


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