[theme-reviewers] Removal of Arras in WordPress Theme Directory

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Wed Jul 6 17:29:19 UTC 2011

Thanks for reaching out Melvin! :)

Offtopic side note, I was trying to reach out to you yesterday on
your forum about getting a quick patch into the theme for the users
having a problem with 3.2, but was prevented from doing so by your
forum software. I get this message on registration:

"Sorry, but your IP is acording to StopForumSpam.com
spambot. Therefore you can't register on this forum."

I contacted the StopForumSpam people, and they kindly removed my IP
address (cable modem, dynamic IP) from their database, but I continue
to get this message. Perhaps you should flush your caches or


On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 10:54 AM, Melvin Lee <zy at zy.sg> wrote:
> To the WordPress Theme Review Team,
> I'm the author of one of the themes available in the Theme Directory, Arras.
> I do understand that there are issues with WordPress 3.2 and the current
> version of the theme. I do wish to release a hotfix for it. However, since
> the theme was last updated, there are many changes in the theme
> requirements, and the theme has fell short of them since then.
> Since I would require more time to revamp some of the code to suit the
> requirements, I would like to request the theme to be removed from the
> directory until a new working, standards-compliant version is ready and
> approved by the review team.
> Finally, my apologies for not being able to update the theme on time for
> WordPress 3.2.
> Thanks all,
> Melvin Lee
> http://www.zy.sg/
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