[theme-reviewers] Question about ob_start and ob_get_clean (Vicky Arulsingam)

Darren Slatten darrenslatten at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 01:13:08 UTC 2011

My solution provides an equal opportunity for users to write poorly-written
code or well-written code. Yes, the solution itself is a dirty fix, but that
doesn't mean the code within the solution is inherently poorly-written. I'm
not saying my solution is ideal or elegant by any means--I'm only saying a
dirty fix is better than no fix, and the end justifies the means.

And yes, my own implementations rely heavily on regex, but the same
functionality can be achieved with simple string matching. In other words,
there's a big difference between "finding a string within a predictable
output string" and "parsing HTML." The article you cited also notes this

On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 7:38 PM, scribu <mail at scribu.net> wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 3:22 AM, Darren Slatten <darrenslatten at gmail.com>wrote:
>> My solution provides *additional functionality* to compensate for
>> poorly-written or outdated plugins and instances where WP core falls short.
> Your solution requires writing more poorly-written code that parses raw
> HTML (most probably using regex*), instead of using the API. That's the
> problem.
> *
> http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2009/11/parsing-html-the-cthulhu-way.html
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