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Tue Jan 25 23:00:25 UTC 2011

on 25/01/2011 22:40 Rafael Mota Veiga said the following:

> I'v recently opened a blog using wordpress and as i wish to open a business
> i want to install a theme that i'v purchased in another website, although
> i'm having some difficulties doing it.
> Can you please give me all the information, so i can isntall it correctly.
> Because i just tried and i believe that i need to upgrade the wordpress, can
> you clarify what i really need to do to install it.

This list is for theme reviewers & developers. It's not for 
troubleshooting problems with WordPress themes generally.

If you are self-hosting your WordPress site, please try posting your 
question on the wordpress.org Themes & Templates support forum:


If you are using a wordpress.com free blog, please try asking your 
question on http://en.forums.wordpress.com/

All the best

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