[theme-reviewers] Unfair Feedback

Rahul Bansal rahul286 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 06:31:19 UTC 2011

Hi All,

This is regarding rejection of my theme for reason cited here

It states:

> Theme must use Post Thumbnails feature for image-thumbnail and
image-resize handling.

First thing our theme uses "Post Thumbnails feature" for sure.

Our theme adds thumbnail-support using wordpress core function and if
featured-image has been uploaded, it gets displayed using "Post Thumbnails
But for old posts, which has no-featured images OR only contains
external-image "Post Thumbnails feature" do not generate thumbnail.
So we added if-else conditional block and when a post do not have
featured-image or contains only external image, in "else" block we use
regular expression to parse post-content for img tag and grap src path from
that. Then we cache that image locally and generate thumbnails using
timthumb library.

We took extra efforts to automate things and maintain
backward compatibility so a use need not edit old posts individually and had
to set featured images on each of them.

May I know why this is unacceptable on wordpress.org theme repo?

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Mobile: +91-9860501882 | Web: http://rtcamp.com/
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