[theme-reviewers] Article on how to create a Theme Options Page for WordPress

Daniel Tara contact at onedesigns.com
Thu Jan 13 17:59:30 UTC 2011

Thanks. Fixed :)


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Hi Daniel

I've left some comments on the article, because your child theme breaks

You should prefix all variables and functions that are in global scope with
your unique prefix to avoid clashing with WordPress or any other
themes/plugins. In this case it was the $cat used in your loop.


Secondly, I wouldn't do the aggressive no-html filtering on the footer
copyright and intro text. These are being entered by a logged in user with
rights to modify theme options. If they wanted to, they could do much harm
without resorting to XSS. 


Thirdly you still have 'manage_options' as the capability required to access
the options page instead of 'edit_theme_options'.



Mike Little

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