[theme-reviewers] collide theme review

Artur apeka1990 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 12:50:34 UTC 2011

My very apologizes for the delay. Had some urgent business.

Testing grounds: WP 3.0.4

1) Theme makes use of undefined constant in registering sidebars, that's 
reported at once in debug mode:
"/Use of undefined constant THEME_NAME - assumed 'THEME_NAME' in 
%SOMEPATH%\www\wp-content\themes\collide\functions.php on line 30/"

2) Comments on pages are not shown.
It must happen because page.php template is missing, and WP falls back 
to index.php, where no comments are present.

3) Message about unavailability of comments in passworded posts is 
displayed out of border (not fitting in 20px width):

Additional: Navigation menu goes out of borders.
Haven't found guides about this in codex, but on 1366x768 menu goes out 
of borders and thus displayed incorrectly.

_Result_: not approved
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