[theme-reviewers] Theme Ticket Request

michael at mfields.org michael at mfields.org
Sun Jan 9 03:09:59 UTC 2011

> I'd like some further clarification on all the Post Format types, but that
> one in particular. It doesn't make much sense to me as how it would have
> custom layout/style applied.

I have a few ideas on this:

1. The post content could be filtered and the text could be given
different classes or even reconstructed as an html table that would mimic
the formatting of an actually chat dialog screen. I actually wrote code
like this, but abandoned actually using it in my theme because it would
only match a single pattern and I'm sure there are more than one out

2. For archive views the chat transcript could be displayed in a box with
a height set to about 18em and overflow set to auto. This gives a certain
chat style appearance to the box while allowing the entire transcript to
be read directly from the archive without hogging too much vertical real
estate. To accomplish the chat transcript needs to be in it's own
container and the most logical one IMHO is a pre tag. Single views would
display the complete transcript without a scrollbar.

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