[theme-reviewers] Article on how to create a Theme Options Page for WordPress

Daniel Tara contact at onedesigns.com
Fri Jan 7 07:22:05 UTC 2011

Thanks for the feedback,


I corrected the grammar errors, changed the capability to
'edit_theme_options', rewritten some portions where I omitted things and
bundled the entire code into a child theme for Twenty Ten, which I tested
and is working.




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There are a few minor typos and a grammar issue or two, otherwise ... I
believe the capability should be 'edit_theme_options' versus
'manage_options' based on Justin Tadlock's discussions.

Good Read! Definitely adds more insight into the Settings API.


PS: The first time I clicked on the link it took me to the page, every other
time I click or use the URL (copy&paste) it wants to open my feed reader ...

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 11:12 PM, Daniel Tara <contact at onedesigns.com> wrote:

Thought I make this public,


Here's an article on how to create options pages for WordPress themes using
the Settings API




I would appreciate any feedback as I probably missed some things out.



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