[theme-reviewers] Numbering comments with wp_list_comments()

Syahir Hakim khairulsyahir at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 03:08:54 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

One of my theme users is trying to figure out how to number the comments 
shown in the website. In the old days (prior to wp_list_comments() being 
a requirement) this can be easily done using a counter variable ( $i = 
0, $i++ that sort of thing), but can the same effect be achieved when 
using wp_list_comments()?

I know we can just style the list output, but that's not very flexible 
in terms of styling. You can't really move the ordered list numbers 
around as you wish, for example.

FYI, my theme (Graphene) is using wp_list_comments() with a callback 
function graphene_comment() to format the comments output.

Thanks guys!

Syahir Hakim

+6014 753 1883

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