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Cipr.vb cypr.vb at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 09:29:04 UTC 2011

Hey guys and gals, 2 things I want to ask you:
*One: *I recently started reviewing themes here (yesterday to be exact) and
I want to ask for a secondary theme to be assigned as the current assigned
theme is going slow and I think I can take at least 2 themes reviews at a
time without a problem. I might push for even 3 as the authors take time to
fix the issues and at this moment reviewing here is something I have time
and pleasure for. So if anyone can assign me a extra theme for review it
would be greatly appreciated :)

*The second thing: *I built a completely free but beta or more likely a
pre-alfa tool for generating WordPress themes admin panels and I wanted to
ask for your feedback. The tool is available at http://dinopress.net with a
almost complete explanation on how to use it in a video on that page and a
link to the project. Just tell me what you think of the idea/project (I want
more opinions before I kill it or continue it as it requires some attention)

I also have a completely finished interface version of the tool with a
downside that it does not generate anything, but after you see the project,
here is what I intended to finish it like: http://dinopress.net/alfa (again
this is just the finished working interface.. it does not generate what the
http://dinopress.net/app generates)


Ciprian Turcu
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