[theme-reviewers] Tutorial: Incorporating the Settings API in WordPress Themes

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Fri Feb 18 03:41:11 UTC 2011


I have just published a tutorial: Incorporating the Settings API in
WordPress Themes <http://bit.ly/hHjo6n>:

While others such as
 and Ozh<http://planetozh.com/blog/2009/05/handling-plugins-options-in-wordpress-28-with-register_setting/>
done yeomen's work in explaining how to implement the Settings API, I have
not yet come across anything that really put everything together, and
explained the process and implementation from beginning to end, in a way
that even the less-experienced Theme developers (like me) could easily

This tutorial will attempt to fill that gap, by providing examples of
current (as of the pending release of WordPress 3.1) best-practice
implementation, not merely of the Settings API, but of Theme Options
implementation as a whole, including:

   - Registering options in the database as a single options array
   - Initializing default options
   - Creating a single Theme Settings page (with tabs)
   - Defining settings page sections and fields
   - Validating and white-listing user-input form data
   - Adding Settings Page contextual help
   - Enqueueing custom CSS for the Settings page
   - Implementing settings in the Theme template files
   - Enqueueing front-end CSS

Please give it a read; I hope it is helpful. Also, any feedback, comments,
corrections, criticism, etc. is welcome, so please comment!

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