[theme-reviewers] Why the bias?

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Tue Feb 15 18:34:26 UTC 2011

Okay, let's make this perfectly clear.

1. No "mechanical" process will ever be used to review themes, for as
long as I have any say in it. Human judgment is a factor, and it will
continue to always be a factor. This includes the ability for any
reviewer to completely disregard any given guideline for a review if
they choose to do so.

2. Guidelines are *guidelines*, not rules. I have full faith and
credit in the ability of the theme reviewers to review fairly without
confining them to any sort of fixed and arbitrary "standard" set of

3. Guidelines do change, and so there will be an ever changing set of
"standards". If you feel that a reviewer is being too harsh or
unbending in their assessment, then it is perfectly acceptable to
bring it up here. However, the manner in which this particular
instance of a review has been brought up is totally unacceptable. In

- Accusing reviewers of favoritism or bias is unacceptable, period.

- Pointing to other themes with a "but they did it!" attitude is
equally unacceptable. Just because one theme "got away" with something
doesn't mean you can do the same.

- It is perfectly acceptable to comment on that theme's ticket to
suggest changes to future revisions along the same lines, and that is
the way it should be done. Note the two most recent comments on
http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2927 which point out fixes
that should be made for the next revision of the theme. This is what
should have happened in the first place. ANYBODY can leave comments on
theme review tickets.

If Satish had simply brought up his problems with a "Have we really
settled on requiring add_theme_page() yet?" question, then this would
have been a one or two email thread instead of 20+ emails of people
bickering at each other.

Keep it to the point, is what I'm saying. Don't accuse people of
things. Don't go all non-technical. Don't make it personal. Don't be a
jerk. We don't need this sort of thing. We realize it can be
upsetting, but reviewers are human, and pointing out instances that
you feel are unfair can be done without making it personal.

I hope this satisfactorily concludes this thread. Please, lets keep it
technical. Thanks.


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