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Perhaps its just me, but I really am beginning to believe this author wants
to be credited with making the new round wheel as the old round wheel wasn't
circular enough?!

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> #2872: THEME: ATOM - 1.3
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>  Reporter:  digitalnature  |     Owner:  Frumph
>      Type:  theme          |    Status:  closed
> Resolution:  not-approved   |  Keywords:  theme-atom,
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> Comment (by digitalnature):
>  Replying to [comment:24 Frumph]:
>  > The comment_form() can use the 'fields' portion of the $args array that
>  can be passed to the comment_form().
>  >
>  > What I see you trying to justify with the comment_form() is the use of
>  the jquery unhide on mouseover for the reply - which while looking at your
>  output code and the $args that can be passed to the comment_form it
>  appears there's no reason why you couldn't use the comment_form().
>  no.
>  check out how atom_comment_form() looks like, and try implementing the
>  same markup with comment_form().
>  the only way to achive that is by passing certain html tags in $args, and
>  closing these tags in a hook. That's unacceptable, and I think you
>  understand why...
>  > - post thumbnail functions, there's a plugin to regenerate your
>  thumbnail images if you need to.  If there is an issue EVER where it
>  doesn't find a thumbnail then this should be brought up as a core trac
>  ticket, I have never seen a case where a thumbnail was not generated.
>  There is even code for you to create your own additional thumbnail sizes.
>  yes, I know about that plugin, but other people might not. The theme uses
>  these functions to create additional thumbnails. The problem appears when
>  the user changes the thumbnail size (Atom allows you to do this).
>  Obviously you didn't look or test the theme so you don't quite understand
>  what I'm talking about...
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