[theme-reviewers] malicious code found in a theme in the codex

Mike Little wordpress at zed1.com
Fri Feb 11 11:58:44 UTC 2011

On 10 February 2011 17:02, Edward Caissie <edward.caissie at gmail.com> wrote:

> I know there "are a lot of things" in the SVN that could be bad if someone
> did go to the trouble of checking them out then installing them wherever ...
> just putting the idea out there for discussion on whether or not those
> themes should be addressed in some fashion.
Don't forget that every old version of every checked-in theme file is
available on subversion too; including security bugs and every bit of bad
code, . This is the nature of open code repositories and should remain so.

I don't think there is any point even thinking about this.

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