[theme-reviewers] Getting The Review Queue Back On Track

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Thu Dec 15 01:52:55 UTC 2011


Please read; comments welcome!

The TL;DR list of changes:

   - Anyone who requests a ticket to review, and then completes their
   assigned review, will be given full “reviewer” status in Theme-Trac
   - We’re adding a fourth tier to the prioritization, which will become
   the new #2 priority: tickets that have been in the review queue for longer
   than two weeks, regardless of previous review/approval status
   - Any review-based Theme revision that is submitted within two days of
   the previous review will be assigned to the previous-ticket reviewer, and
   the review continued on the new ticket
   - W3C Validation criticality is being reduced from REQUIRED to
   RECOMMENDED, and Theme reviewers will no longer make review comments
   regarding W3C Validation
   - The Theme Review Team will no longer emphasize complete and thorough
   reviews, and will instead close tickets upon observation of any non-trivial

As always, this is an evolving experiment; we're still/always trying to
improve. Thank you, all, for your continued contributions as Theme
developers and reviewers!

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