[theme-reviewers] Theme review: Stuck in an infinite loop

Per Sandström per at helloper.com
Wed Dec 7 18:45:05 UTC 2011

Hey, just a quick one… Anyone know if this one's gonna take off any soon?
I'll be starting rolling out client sites based on Blaskan next week and
was really hoping that I could have reached WordPress.org by then. :)


2011/12/1 Per Sandström <per at helloper.com>

> Thank you for all quick replies.
> So I can expect the review process to continue on this ticket? :)
> http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5477
> Regards,
> Per
> 2011/11/30 Per Sandström <per at helloper.com>
>> Hi guys,
>> First off, to be perfectly clear, thanks in a million for the time you
>> spend contributing to WordPress. I know this email isn't just hugs and
>> kisses but you should know that I really appreciate your work.
>> Here it is: I'm desperate to have my theme, Blaskan, published on
>> WordPress.org. But from what I can see right now it seems to be stuck in an
>> infinite loop in the approval queue.
>> Have a look at my ticket for Blaskan 2.0 here:
>> http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5477
>> As time goes by – which I fully understand – moving up the queue I keep
>> developing and releasing new versions.
>> So when it finally is my turn to be reviewed I have released a new
>> version which means that I have to go back last in line. Which I guess
>> means that I'm stuck…
>> I can't stop developing and releasing new versions while waiting for
>> approval. I'm using it on my own site (www.permalink.se), a bunch of
>> other people are using it and a client of mine are using it as a base theme
>> for many of their blogs (which means I'm getting paid for parts of the
>> development).
>> Could this be arranged in another way? Can anyone help me with this?
>> Pretty please…?
>> All the best,
>> Per Sandström


Per Sandström

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