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Emil Uzelac emil at themeid.com
Wed Dec 7 05:13:55 UTC 2011

That's not the only issue: ThemeURL: http://tsegwordpressthemes.com is in
violation of http://wordpress.org/about/domains/ as well as all the rest
from the same author
http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/profile/tsegseo@Otto should someone
get in touch with them or this qualifies for
suspension? (well I know that it does, however they have few Themes
in repository)


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On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 11:04 PM, Kirk Wight <kwight at kwight.ca> wrote:

> I understand licenses for binary assets such as images, fonts and icons
> are to be explicitly listed in the readme.txt.
> There's also a tool called TinEye <http://www.tineye.com/> that can be
> used to find other uses online of an image; it's not perfect, but it can be
> useful for reviewers (it will show a lot of images that are registered in
> online stock libraries, for example).
> On 6 December 2011 23:35, Dion Hulse (dd32) <wordpress at dd32.id.au> wrote:
>> On 7 December 2011 15:12, Angelo Bertolli <angelo.bertolli at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> > Ian Stewart wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I was traipsing through the theme directory theme by theme as I am
>> >> sometimes wont to do and happened upon this theme with a beautiful
>> header
>> >> image.
>> >>
>> >> http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/silent-film
>> >>
>> >> It looked like a stock photo to me and made me wonder if the original
>> >> license of the stock photo (if it is one) allowed it to be made free
>> and if
>> >> that's something being checked on in theme reviews (and in this theme
>> in
>> >> particular).
>> >>
>> >
>> > It is my understanding that photos are not required to be put under the
>> GPL,
>> > as they are not themselves derivative works.
>> >
>> > This doesn't mean that such a photo is licensed to be distributed
>> though...
>> Correct, Some people will subscribe to the notion that only the Theme
>> PHP code is required to be GPL - this is a accepted licensing opinion
>> from what I'm aware of - Lets not go into this battle here however, as
>> it's a moot point:
>> Submission to the WordPress.org Themes repository however has a much
>> stricter licensing arrangement, ALL of the theme - PHP, JS, CSS, Flash
>> Objects, Fonts, Icons, and most importantly in this case Images, MUST
>> be GPL licensed, or under a GPL-compatible license.
>> This is covered under the Theme Review guidelines:
>> http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review#Licensing
>> This allows for WordPress.org org to be a repository of Plugins and
>> Themes which are 100% GPL'd, with Zero restrictions placed on usage.
>> By all means, You should be able to take images from any theme on
>> WordPress.org and use it in a GPL-compliant manner without license
>> issues.
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