[theme-reviewers] Befuddled by the theme search engine

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 04:50:43 UTC 2011

Howdy all,
I recently had a user point out to me that my theme doesn't actually
seem to be find-able via its name in the Themes dashboard with "terms"
selected. (http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/elbee-elgee) Try it. You
can't bring it up via its name, nor any substring thereof. The only
way that it comes up is if you search for me as the "author".

Yet when you do searches on the Extend repo, it comes right up. I'm
confused -- why wouldn't it come up via "terms"?

Also, I clearly have "BuddyPress" in my theme description, yet if you
search for "BuddyPress" (or any variation in capitalization) it
doesn't appear. (It *does* appear near the top of the BuddyPress tag

So: what gives? What context am I missing? Why the wide variation in
behavior between the various search vectors?


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