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Qamar Ashraf life.object at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 15:16:51 UTC 2011

I have integrated a *"Theme Reference"* page to provide some useful
information about my framework. I am going to load remote data by reading
RSS Feed. Here is the code logic,

function get_chip_life_feed( $feed_url ) {
>     $content = file_get_contents( $feed_url );
>     $feed = new SimpleXmlElement( $content );
> return $feed;
> }
> $feed = get_chip_life_feed( '
> http://www.tutorialchip.com/feed/chip-life-tutorials/' );

I have got following Warning after submitting the theme,

WARNING: *file_get_contents* was found in the file *tutorials.php* possible
file operations.

Is it now allowed to load data via RSS ?
So how can i load dynamic data without this ?

Help is really appreciated.

Qamar Ashraf
Project Manager
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