[theme-reviewers] Mandatory fields and elements for posts and comments

Justin Tadlock justin at justintadlock.com
Thu Aug 4 23:33:24 UTC 2011

My advice is to code for anything and everything.  Here's a very general 
overview of my personal checklist:

* Make sure you design for all HTML elements, making sure they look good 
in posts, comments, and text widgets.

* Try out all WordPress options (options pages in the admin) to make 
sure your theme works with them.

* Test all the default widgets.

* Test all default post types and all the various options related to posts.

* Test all default taxonomies and make sure their terms are shown somewhere.

* Test all default quick tags and shortcodes (along with the various 
shortcode arguments).

* Add styles for all the WordPress CSS classes.

If you do these things, you've covered most of the stuff you need to cover.

On 8/3/2011 6:32 PM, Chip Bennett wrote:
> I apologize for any brevity...
> 1) Themes must *incorporate* all of that content, but are given as 
> much latitude as possible for design intent. If the content types are 
> incorporated *somehow*, and implemented properly, then that's usually 
> sufficient.
> 2) Themes are required to include .wp-caption, .wp-caption-text, and 
> .gallery-caption in style.css. If those classes are left empty, we 
> consider that a design decision. As long as captions are displayed, 
> and are minimally aesthetic, that is acceptable.
> Themes must support threaded comments.
> 3) That's a case-by-case determination. Generally speaking, 
> *replacing* core code should not be done; if a core method exists, it 
> should be used. Can you provide an example?
> 4) What sort of verification assistance are you looking for? Automated 
> tests can only go so far, and we're just about as far as we can get 
> with Theme Check, Log Deprecated Notices, Debogger, and Debug Bar.
> 5) Differentiating between "unacceptable" and "nice to have" is the 
> reason that the Guidelines are rigidly defined using *required* versus 
> *recommended*. (I admit that the Theme Unit Tests could be more clear. 
> For the most part, though: if it's listed in the Theme Unit Tests, 
> it's *required*.)
> Chip
> On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 5:22 PM, Mario Peshev <mario at peshev.net 
> <mailto:mario at peshev.net>> wrote:
>     Hello reviewers,
>     I'm rereading the unit test and theme review pages on a regular
>     basis in order to remember all the requirements for easier lookup
>     on the new themes. I have some questions that I would be happy to
>     share and get a feedback if possible. They are somehow mentioned
>     in both documents but I find no hundred percent case that covers
>     or states straight.
>     1) What are the mandatory fields visible for a post in single.php
>     and page.php? According to the test cases and demo content I
>     presume title, author, date, content, tags and categories lists,
>     as well as parent-child relations and paging are required. However
>     Chipp made a remark that parent-child relations visible in the
>     post are not required, I don't find any requirements for
>     categories and tags to be a necessary addition to the single.php,
>     as well as the author and the date. What is the rule of thumb here?
>     2) Themes usually support image captions and threaded comments. Is
>     a theme not approved if image captions are with standard
>     formatting or threaded comments are not indented?
>     3) When theme author has replaced some code such as pagination or
>     commenting with a custom code, is it necessary a bad practice or
>     it depends on the final application?
>     4) Are there any good plugins for verification beyond the three
>     listed in the guidelines?
>     It's hard for me for some clauses to differ the "unacceptable" and
>     "good to have" when I can't strictly read some theme review points
>     as rules.
>     Best regards,
>     Mario Peshev
>     freelance software developer/trainer
>     http://www.linkedin.com/in/mpeshev
>     http://peshev.net/blog
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