[theme-reviewers] Trac Ticket Assignment Request Queue

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Wed Apr 27 18:17:50 UTC 2011

To our Reviewer Trainees:

This mail list does not appear to be the most efficient or effective means
to keep track of Trac ticket assignment requests, so let's try something

See the "Trac Ticket Request
on the "Make" site. Per the instructions:

   1. Post your Trac (WPORG) username (*note: case-sensitive*)
   2. A Reviewer will assign you a ticket, and update your comment,
   indicating the assignment
   3. Once you have completed your review, the Reviewer who assigned your
   ticket will review and close the ticket.
   4. You may then request another ticket.

We'll see if this method works better than the mail-list. If it doesn't,
we'll find something else that does!

Feedback is encouraged...


p.s. Cais: we may need to have more people added as Editors to the Make site
(Emil, in particular)
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