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There is nothing wrong with pro themes, but this is a rather large, public facing ad

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I don't see anything wrong with an upgrade to Pro version of the Theme, plugins do this all the time and unless I am off here this is acceptable. 
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On Apr 22, 2011 3:23 AM, "carolina n" <myazalea at hotmail.com> wrote:

Theme: http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/3597
We have talked about not doing cursory reviews, but there are just too many errors, I dont feel that the author is giving the theme enough thought before he uploads it again,
causing even more errors than the previous version....  Also the theme's option page is too advanced for me.
I will sadly but without tearing more of my hair off, leave this to another reviewer.. because im exhausted..
Some notes:
The theme displays both future and drafted posts... 
The author has fixed previous html validation errors but has also caused 57 new ones. 
He has fixed the php errors and the Layout looks acceptable when testing with the theme unit test data.
Parts of his option page is copied of blogatize.com, wich he also credits. But I'm not sure whatever license that has, or where he got the code from. (I've never used blogatize but it doesnt look like a place where you can get code examples...)
The theme options work, data is somewhat vaildated. Functions are named differently, sometimes they are not prefixed at all.
He is registering and enqueuing the same version of jquery that is bundled with wp but directly from google.
The default installation of the theme shows a public facing information box with how to upgrade to the pro version of the theme, but with this note:
(To remove this Widget login to your admin account, go to Appearance, then Widgets and drag new widgets into the Sidebar)
The description of the theme goes:
 iFeature: A Free WordPress Theme designed by CyberChimps.com (<a href="http://cyberchimps.com/ifeaturepro" alt="Upgrade to iFeature Pro">Upgrade to iFeature Pro</a>)
-is this allowed?

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