[theme-reviewers] Using wp_enqueue_style() With IE Conditionals

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Thu Apr 21 22:51:45 UTC 2011

on 21/04/2011 23:07 Otto said the following:

> The problem is that stylesheet order doesn't actually matter. CSS is
> all about specificity of the definitions.


Order *does* matter. Take two identical rules in separate sheets and the 
later one takes priority. That's how child themes work, after all. :-)

I take your point about specificity but I've got themes that use html in 
some rules. and given that I tend to be pretty specific when writing CSS 
anyway, some of them could be damn hard to over-write using pure 
specificity. I'd argue that there still have to be mechanisms available 
for plugin authors, developers, users etc to load later sheets.


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