[theme-reviewers] Issue With Trac Ticket Reporter CC

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Sun Sep 26 02:47:53 UTC 2010

So, I recently discovered a little issue/bug/whatever with the Trac ticket
reporter CC. I uploaded a Theme, but immediately found a bug. I fixed,
re-uploaded, and added a comment to the original ticket, pointing to the new

All well-and-good so far, except that I noticed that, when I previewed my
comment, it indicated "cc: removed" - and sure enough, when I submitted my
comment, it indicated that my CC: had been removed. (I manually re-added

Is there any particular reason that the ticket would be removing the CC in
this instance? Granted, when the reporter adds a comment to the ticket, the
CC: field is blank (unless the reporter populates this field - which he
would have no intuitive reason to do, since the CC was added automatically).
However, the CC should not be removed due to the CC field being blank unless
the CC was added via this field.

(Am I making any sense here?)

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

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