[theme-reviewers] Tracking Code?

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Fri Sep 3 20:13:30 UTC 2010

Look in footer.php at like line #4 

1) it's using get_settings, meh

2) { $$value['id'] = $value['std']; } else { $$value['id'] = get_settings( $value['id'] ); }

but the $$ is like saying explode($vars)/but for singular  being an array, what it's doing is getting the option, setting it as a $variable

now in functions.php you can see the shortname $shortname = "cleansimplewhite"; and along with that: "id" => $shortname."_tracking_code",

Thats basically attaching that shortname with the extension, and then whatever is in the type=>textarea is used with the admin options

Long story short, everythings fine ;)

- Phil

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  Perhaps I'm a bit gun-shy, given some of the recent tickets we've seen; but I'll ask anyway.

  Can someone take a look at Ticket #924? Particularly, take a look at functions.php and footer.php, with respect to $cleansimplewhite_tracking_code.

  I can't see the Theme actually defining this variable, but its presence has me somewhat suspicious. It doesn't exist in either version 1.0 or 1.1 of the Theme in SVN. It just showed up in version 1.2. (Note: review version is 1.2, but is the first Trac ticket generated for the Theme.)

  Is this being used for something legitimate that I'm not seeing, or is the developer perhaps intending to deliver some future payload of some sort?




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