[theme-reviewers] Themes and Favicons

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Tue Oct 19 20:19:09 UTC 2010

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with a theme-dependent
favicon, in that people often want their favicon's to be similar to
their themes. Matt had me change his to match when we changed up the
theme for the new ma.tt.

I would say that if a theme provides the favicon code though, there
should be a couple of rules
1. The favicon should be using the *stylesheet_uri code, so that a
child theme can easily override it like any other file in the theme
(and ideally there should be some obvious way to disable this,
preferably with it defaulting to disabled), or
2. The theme should provide some easy way for a user to upload their
own favicon (maybe in an advanced theme settings).

If the theme is just splatting the favicon code out there, with no way
to change it other than editing the theme, then that's bad. People
don't want their favicon to be the same as other sites.


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